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Re-inventing the wheel: The regeneration of disused car parks

Puccini, Beethoven and art; I never thought they would have a place in a car park?

To find out more about how car parks are becoming cultural centres, read on. 

I'd pay for paradise - would you pay for a parking lot?

As property prices in London hit dizzying new heights of craziness, a parking space in Knighstbridge has hit the market for a cool £250,000. We take a look at what you could purchase for £250,000 around the world.

Surviving School Holiday Traffic

For most commuters, the summer holidays are a blessing. Traffic is non-existant, buses are empty and parking in the ever mythical space close to the office suddenly seems becomes a reality. However, for the majority of us, the summer holidays spell six weeks of motorway chaos, a never ending chorus of 'are we there yet?' and the inevitable breakdown and spending 6 hours on the hard shoulder waiting for the AA to appear. 

We take a look at the top tips for a hassle free summer holiday: 

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