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Effective parking management begins with having the right set of tools at your disposal. Our smartphones and associated software have been designed with our clients in mind; each product undergoes extensive user testing and is further refined to the requirements of our client-led Steering Group. 

With over 30 years’ experience as the UK's leading parking technology provider, we have developed software to optimise your customers' parking experience. 


Our powerful smartphones gives you a multifunctional, cost effective and lightweight solution. We can provide a range of units or you can purchase your own - our software is compatible with all current and future models. 

Using the smartphone as a parking management device has many benefits: 

  • Lightweight and user friendly - Patrol officers immediately feel comfortable using a smartphone rather than a large handheld computer.

  • Multi-functional - The device can be used as a phone, web browser and email client so that patrol officers need only carry one tool. However, this additional functionality can be locked down if preferred. 

  • 16 MP camera - Your photographic evidence will be clear and concise. 



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Rialto is innovative PCN issuing software developed specifically for Android. It simplifies the enforcement process with a user-friendly experience. Rialto is a client-led solution, being launched after extensive testing and refinement in partnership with Parking Associates and the City of London. 

  • Fast and accurate data entry improves parking management efficiency. 

  • The system is easily configured to suit the specific requirements and priorities of your site. Rialto is also perfect for multi-site or zonal operations as each zone can be configured with its own rules – no need for multiple handhelds. 


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ScanSmarti allows you to harness the latest mobile ANPR technology at the touch of a button and to transform efficiencies across your entire parking operation. ScanSmarti enables complete car parks to be scanned by a patrol officer without the need to break a stride or to enter registration numbers manually - significantly speeding up the parking management process. 

  • ScanSmarti interfaces in real-time with PermitSmarti, VoucherSmarti and any cashless parking system, automatically identifying non-compliant parking.
  • ScanSmarti checks against payment in real-time. Where there is no record of payment or where payment has expired, ScanSmarti will prompt the patrol officer to issue a PCN or a warning notice. 

  • It will also notify the patrol officer if a vehicle registration is known to belong to a persistent offender, so that appropriate action can be taken. 



GeoSmarti smartphone management software enables you to manage your patrol officer beats in real time.  

Real-time location updates, patrolling officer positions and PCNs issued are displayed on the map, providing geovisualisation of your traffic management strategy.

GeoSmarti is the ultimate in-depth parking management tool for senior members of staff. 


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