Parking Management for Education Providers

Multi-zone parking management tailored to further education sites.

We provide a range of parking management services to universities and further educational establishments across the UK.

We offer an easy to use and cost-effective solution to managing and maintaining parking at further education sites, while delivering a quality service to staff, students and visitors.

Why our Solution is Effective for Universities and Further Education Establishments

A flexible and transparent solution to fit your parking policy.

The provision of sensitive and supportive enforcement.

An effective way to enforce across campuses without the need for multiple members of staff or smartphones.

 Full permit management service to staff, students and visitors.

University of the West of England

“We were managing our back-office processes internally using a third party software system, but it was very admin intense as we had no link to the DVLA, and all paper request took a long time to obtain and process. We had to decide whether to take a case further when the PCN hadn’t been paid – and often we didn’t bother as the process was so lengthy.

University of Bristol

“The new virtual permit solution has completely transformed the way we manage our parking facilities and has greatly simplified and improved the permit application process for staff. Although we only provide campus parking for eligible staff and disabled bays for both staff and students, we now have an automated and much more disciplined and versatile solution that is helping us to ensure fairness for everyone at all times.”

University of Bradford

“Working with Open Parking has made the world of difference to our parking operations. The administrative peak workloads during September and January have been outsourced and will be spread out over a longer period. The database is also externally hosted and all software updates and upgrades are automatic. As a result, there is far less risk of any software issue and less internal staff time needed during upgrades, so the solution is far more resilient.”

Case Studies

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We Provide the Following Services to Universities and Further Education Establishments

Enforcement Hardware and Software

We can provide Smartphones loaded with our Rialto enforcement software and also portable Bluetooth printers. This will allow users to enforce the terms and conditions as set out on your signage.

Real-Time Data Transfer

Real-time data transfer allows Parking Charge Notice (PCN) data to be uploaded immediately to the Open Parking website. QR codes can be added to PCNs. Using a smartphone, the motorist will be able to scan the QR code and gain immediate access to the ‘view evidence/make payment’ screen of the Open Parking website, improving the speed of payment to the university.


ScanSmarti is our Smartphone ANPR software that significantly speeds up the patrol process. It allows authorised users to continuously scan VRMs whilst walking without the need to stop. ScanSmarti will instantly identify whether a vehicle has a valid permit or has paid for parking. This is a particularly useful tool for universities as it significantly speeds up the patrol process, lessening the cost to the university.

Business Processing

Our award-winning Business Processing Unit will process all PCNs on behalf of the university. We offer a staffed call-centre that is in operation between the hours of 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, so that the motorist is able to speak directly to a trained advisor. There is also a 24-hour ATP line allowing motorists to pay their PCN securely over a phone.

Parking Signage

As part of our services, we are able to conduct site surveys and provide signage that conforms to the standards of the International Parking Community (IPC). The Trust has complete freedom over the design and the branding of the signs as long as they remain compliant to the standards above. We will replace old signs or overlay existing ones to keep costs down.

Parking Permits

We can manage permits on behalf of the University. This is done using our powerful permit management software, PermitSmarti. PermitSmarti allows you to manage your service delivery differently by allowing staff, students and visitors to interact with services provided and transfer control to them 24/7. This is achieved through a real-time portal integrated with the university’s website.

Staff and students apply online through the PermitSmarti portal, which is branded with the look and feel of your website.

The system can accommodate an infinite range of permit types, including those based on Co2 emissions, tiered pricing or salary band. This can assist with the implementation of green travel plans as well as allowing you to meet your environmental objectives. We are also able to integrate with HR systems to enable monthly salary deductions. Once approved, permits are uploaded to the back office and available instantaneously on smartphones.


Visitor parking can be controlled by authorised parking or departmental staff using our PermitSmarti add on, VoucherSmarti. VoucherSmarti will run 24/7 via a university branded portal allowing visitors to book parking on demand. Each department is given an allocation to ensure that the service is not oversubscribed. This is an excellent alternative to scratchcards and reduces impact on the environment. All permits are offered virtually and are instantly identifiable on the smartphone.

Any of our solutions are available on a management fee basis to universities and further educational establishments. Each solution offered will meet the unique needs and priorities of your site, ensuring your parking management operation is seamless as well as offering excellent value for money.

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