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Parking Charge Notices & Car Park Enforcement

Paying for your Parking Charge Notice (PCN) is quick and easy using our secure online payment service - just click here. You'll need your PCN number and vehicle registration number to hand to access your PCN. Alternatively, you can pay by phone on our automated payment line by calling 0330 088 9564.

If you feel that your Parking Charge Notice (PCN) was issued incorrectly or you have mitigating circumstances, you can appeal the PCN by writing* to us explaining the details. You can submit your appeal online by clicking here or by post to: Open Parking, PO Box 1049, Northampton, NN4 4DZ

Your PCN will be placed on hold at its current charge as soon as your appeal is received. Charges will not increase whilst we asses your appeal and we will aim to respond to you with our decision within 14 days. If your appeal is unsuccessful at this stage you will be given details on how to appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (IAS). Further information about the IAS can be found below.

The Independent Appeals Service provides an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme for disputes. We may engage with the IAS ADR service at our discretion should further dispute arise over this charge in the future.

*Note - all appeals must be submitted in writing, we are unable to process an appeal against a PCN over the phone. Our call centre staff can provide general help and advice but will advise that appeals must be submitted in writing.

Open Parking is a member of the Independent Parking Committee’s Accredited Operator Scheme, as such we adhere to and comply with the code of practice which is available to read on the IPC website.

Parking Charge Notices are issued to vehicles in privately owned car parks where such vehicles are parked in breach of the displayed terms and conditions. Examples of such breaches may include:

  • vehicles parked without displaying the correct payment or permit
  • vehicles parked in a disabled bay without displaying a valid blue badge
  • vehicles parked in such a way as to cause a danger or an obstruction

The decision in the Parking Eye v Beavis case was handed down by the Supreme Court on the 4th November 2015. The judgment confirms parking regimes which impose charges where motorists overstay or breach the terms of their contractual licence to park are enforceable charges.

The notice issued to the driver of the vehicle explains the time frames for payment, how payment can be made and also how to appeal the parking charge. Both payments and appeals can be made by post or online. We also place any photographic evidence we may hold online for the motorist to view before making a decision whether to pay or appeal their notice.

Contrary to the advice given on various 'ticket fighter' websites, ignoring a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) issued on private land is not the best course of action.

If you feel you have been issued with a PCN incorrectly, the best thing to do is to contact us as we will happily consider your appeal. For more information on how to submit your appeal, please see the frequently asked question above 'How do I appeal my Parking Charge Notice?' or the reverse of your PCN. When we receive your appeal, the case is placed on hold and charges will not increase whilst we investigate and respond.

Do not just ignore your PCN, get in touch with us.

Unfortunately we cannot accept instalment payments for Parking Charge Notices. For further information regarding the timescales for payment, please refer to your original PCN.

Effective car park management procedures can help prevent serious health and safety concerns that can occur as a consequence of indiscriminate parking. It also helps to ensure:

  • Availability of spaces at our chosen retail or leisure location
  • The ability for our parking space at home or office to be free for us to use when we wish
  • Protecting spaces and parents with children
  • Safe entry and egress from our chosen destination

Open Parking works with landowners in managing their parking effectively and keeping our car parks safe, free from obstruction caused by indiscriminately parked cars; improving safety, protecting spaces for residents or particular groups like disabled people and enabling servicing and deliveries to take place in retail parks that would become congested if parking wasn't managed.

We understand that the issue of parking management is often an emotive topic which is why we pride ourselves on providing a transparent, efficient and fair management service for both landowners and motorists.

The Independent Appeals Service (IAS) provide an independent appeals system so that people who believe that a charge has been improperly issued to them can appeal against it. The IAS does not charge the motorist for submitting an appeal. Before you can consider appealing to the IAS, you must first exhaust the operator's own internal appeals procedure. Appeals must be received by the IAS within 21 days of the operator rejecting your initial appeal.

Appeals will only be accepted from the driver or from the registered keeper of the vehicle. Third parties cannot appeal on behalf of the keeper or driver.

Whilst the Appeals system is administered by the IPC, each appeal is dealt with by a qualified and practising solicitor or barrister appointed under a contract of self-employment and it is an express term of their appointment that they must retain complete impartiality. They are not allowed to be influenced by the IPC and must not exercise any bias towards either the Parking Operator or the Motorist.

The Independent Appeals Service provides an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme for disputes. We may engage with the IAS ADR service at our discretion should further dispute arise over this charge in the future.

There is significant coverage concerning the number of parking tickets that are issued each year. While the numbers may look high on their own they must be put into the context of the total number of cars that park in some 20,000 locations across the UK each year.

For example much was made about the 11,498 tickets issued by the operator responsible for managing a large retail park in the North-West of England during a 3-year period. Further analysis determined that during that same period some 3.3 million motorists had visited the location and had parked there, and furthermore had followed the terms & conditions - a compliance rate of 99.65%.

Car park management is required to keep our car parks safe and accesible, this results in Parking Charge Notices being issued only to a very small percentage of our total car park users.

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