Self TicketingPermit management and notice processing while you control the enforcement process

Self Ticketing gives you complete autonomy over the ticketing process. 

While your appointed patrol officers carry out enforcement on your site, Open Parking will manage your permits and notice processing.

We will provide:

  • Software and handheld computers (HHCs)
  • Back-office notice processing
  • Permit management
  • Signage
  • Training
  • Support service
  • Account management
  • Innovation
  • Value for money.

We will provide each patrol officer with a smartphone, loaded with our Rialto app for PCN issue. Issued PCNs are transferred in real time to our 3sixty notice processing software at our processing unit for pursuit of payment. Meanwhile motorists can immediately see their PCNs on the Open Parking website, where they can view photos and any other evidence and pay the outstanding fine.

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